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From the coffee cherry to your cup

The Life Cycle

How did we make your coffee cup more environmentally friendly ?

With the guidance of independent experts, we have conducted multiple studies to assess the environmental impact of a coffee cup from its initial stages to its final disposal. In the sections below, we present the unexpected findings from our research, covering the four primary stages of a cup's lifecycle.

  • Stage 1: Cultivation and roasting of coffee
  • Stage 2: Transport and packaging in bags or capsules
  • Stage 3: Coffee machine
  • Stage 4: Waste treatment (packaging & coffee grounds)

Our Main Conclusions

When you consume a cup of coffee, it results in the emission of approximately 80 to 110g of CO2, which is equivalent to the amount generated by a gasoline-powered car driving for 500 meters.

Surprisingly, the majority of the environmental impact (two thirds) arises from the coffee culture and the quantity of coffee used per cup, as well as the electricity consumed by the coffee machine. As a result, coffee beans, contrary to popular belief, are one of the most significant CO2-generating products because they require a large amount of coffee and energy per cup.

In contrast, portioned coffee solutions, particularly those that use renewable materials and are 100% recycled after use, are more environmentally friendly. If incinerated with household waste, these capsules can also be used for energy production or recycled. In comparison to the use of coffee beans, portioned coffee solutions can generate 35% less CO2.

3 actions to reduce the impact from your cup of coffee

1. Consider choosing portioned coffee for precise measurements of coffee quantity and controlled electricity usage.

2. Choosing organic coffee can reduce the environmental impact of intensive agriculture.

3. Consider using coffee balls (such as CoffeeB) or capsules made from renewable materials that can be easily recycled (such as CR Pro capsules).


A Breakthrough Innovation

CoffeeB is revolutionizing coffee consumption to make it more sustainable. 

How ?
With its capsule-free system.

This innovative solution is 0% plastic and 0% aluminum, but 100% compostable.

By combining the advantages of capsule and bean solutions without their respective drawbacks, CoffeeB aims to become the new standard for eco-responsible coffee consumption.




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COFFEE B : White Globe

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COFFEE B : Black Globe

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COFFEE B : Box of 9 Coffee Balls ESPRESSO

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